Abstract Submission

Abstract submission starts on November 15th, 2023 and ends on February 11th, 2024. It will be carried out online only via the conference abstract submission form.

Each author may present only one (1) abstract to the conference. All presenting authors must be registered.

Notification of abstract acceptance
March 15th, 2024

Authors Registration Deadline
May 14th, 2024

Final (Program Allocation) Details
June 1st, 2024

Authors are given the opportunity to enter the Developing Scientists Poster and Oral Award Competition.

Abstract Guidelines

Before accessing the submission form, please make sure that you have prepared your abstract according to the following guidelines:

  • Language: All abstracts should be submitted and presented in English, which is the official language of the conference, using accurate grammar and spelling suitable for publication. If in doubt, please arrange for the review of your abstract by a native English speaker or by a university scientific publications office (or other similar facility) prior to submission, as it will be reproduced exactly as submitted. No proofreading will be done.

  • Corresponding Author: The abstract submission form should be completed by the Corresponding Author, who will be responsible for all future communications regarding the submitted abstract.

  • Account: Each submitter (Corresponding Author) is required to create a user account indicating an account email address and a password. The email and password indicated will be used for all online forms of the Conference (namely, the Registration Form).

  • Title: Maximum 35 words, typed in lower-case letters, except for abbreviations and study names. Please be careful that your title might be truncated if you copy and paste it into the field.

  • Presentation type: Authors are invited to express their preference for oral or poster presentation; the final assignment will be made by the Scientific Committee.

  • Topic: Authors are invited to select the topic that better fits the scope of their abstract among the conference topics; the final assignment will be made by the Scientific Committee.

  • Authors: Names of authors should be written in upper/lower cases in the following way: {Full name with first letter in upper case (e.g. John)} {Surname (Family Name) with first letter in upper case (e.g. Smith)}. Please enter the FIRST NAME in full, followed by the SURNAME (Family Name), for each author, without abbreviations (e.g. John Smith, and NOT J. Smith). The names, e-mail addresses and full affiliations of all authors should be entered.

  • Text Body: The text (excluding title, authors, and affiliations) should not exceed 350 words. The use of tables, figures or references is not allowed.

Guidelines for

The ICFMH Developing Scientist Poster and Oral Presentation Award Competitions at FoodMicro2024

The International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene (ICFMH) of the Interna-tional Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS) will sponsor Developing Scientist Poster and Oral Award competitions at FoodMicro2024, 8-11 July in Burgos, Spain.

  1. To encourage students and recent graduates to present their original research in the field of Food Microbiology.
  2. To foster professionalism in students and recent graduates through contact with peers who attend FoodMicro2024.
General Information
  1. This competition is open to MSc and PhD students and postgraduate fellows, includ-ing those who have graduated not more than one year prior to July 1, 2024;
  2. The entrant must be the first author of the poster or oral presentation and be present at FoodMicro2024 to answer questions for a specified time during an assigned session at the conference;
  3. The work must represent original research completed and presented by the entrant;
  4. Acceptance of an abstract for presentation is independent of acceptance as a competi-tion finalist;
  5. The competition entrants must indicate if his/her poster or oral presentation is to be entered in this competition. There is only one choice for each entrant;
  6. A panel of judges will evaluate the abstracts preceding the conference and assess the poster and oral presentations at the conference;
  7. Competitors chosen as finalists will be notified of their status by the chairpersons of the Developing Scientist Poster and Oral Award Committees;
  8. Competitors must be registered for FoodMicro2024.
Judging Process

All abstracts accepted for presentation and entered in the Developing Scientist Poster or Oral Award competitions at FoodMicro2024 will be reviewed by the Award Committee.

Judging Criteria
  1. Abstract - Clarity, comprehensiveness, and conciseness;
  2. Scientific Quality - Adequacy of experimental design (methodology, controls, replica-tion), extent to which objectives were met, difficulty and thoroughness of research, validity of conclusions based upon data, technical merit, and contribution to science;;
  3. Presentation - Organization (clarity of introduction, objectives, methods, results, con-clusions), quality of illustrations, ability to answer questions, and knowledge of sub-ject.
Announcement of Awards

The names of finalists will be announced and awards will be presented at the closing session of FoodMicro2024. The winners of first, second, and third place awards will be presented with framed certificates and prizes of 500, 300, and 100 EUROS, respectively, for poster presentations as well as for oral presentations. All finalists are expected to be present at the closing session.

Application Deadline

June 20, 2024 by replying to the Technical Secretariat via e-mail at: abstractsfoodmicro2024@amexgbt.com, indicating your Abstract Number and Year of En-rollment or Graduation in the post-graduate programs.